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I’m back in Filey today and there’s definitely something special about this place, that makes me relax.  There’s many possibilities, but I think it’s the simplicity, the lack of clutter, people, responsibilities, and of course the the location, especially the beach and the surf which we just don’t get in St Anne’s in the same way.  Anyway, it’s good to be back and to still be able to talk to Debbie on the phone, which is always the highlight of my evening here.

I had another excellent nights sleep, waking up just before seven I think, with Debbie coming to say goodbye.  I let Tess know that we were going to give Caffe Nero a miss and carried on snoozing for a while.  I then did a quick circuit around the house doing odd jobs and had a couple of smoothies for breakfast before taking Tess to college.  En-route we stopped off at Lytham green for me to snap the photo that’s I’ve included above, a particularly nice sunrise to see me off!

Jennie and Jon seem to have worked through the options and are settled with the idea that they are going to move into our house, although it will be into our front room, rather than the bedroom, as it will make a better bedsit.  Everyone seems to be happy with this decision now, although Jennie wants the room to be a clean slate that she can work her magic on, whereas I’m planning to leave it much as it is.  Moving in is a temporary expedient, and should be treated as such, it doesn’t make sense to cause too much disruption or for them to get too comfortable.

After leaving Tess at college I drove on to Rivington and did my usual long walking route to The Barn, which I was dismayed to discover was closed for refurbishment this week.  It didn’t really matter though as I had plenty of food back in the car and was feeling fine.  The purpose of doing this hike was twofold,  I got to test my body after last weeks flare and to make sure my hip had healed and it passed both tests with flying colours.  The other reason was to kills a few hours so that I arrived in Filey after 4pm, after which I can pick up the key.

The drive across country was excellent, with no hold ups at all and I had a great time listening to a fiction book, Moriarty, that’s set after Holmes and Moriarty both fall to their deaths at the waterfall in Switzerland.  It’s my custom when visiting Filey to make a stop at Bridlington’s Morrison’s to stock up with food, but for a change I switch to Scarborough’s Sainsbury’s and it was a good choice, letting me pickup all my favourite own brand foods.  The only thing they strangely didn’t have were crisp breads, but I got those from Tesco later in the day.

The apartment I’m in is new to me, slightly strangely decorated, but fine none the less.  Strangely it has only one radiator in the living room, whereas all the previous, otherwise identical, apartments have had two, why?  After arriving I unpacked, and walked down to the beach, the tide was in so I didn’t explore very far and soon came back up to make a dinner of granary bread and organic tomato soup, which was superb.  I then watched a TV show that I have on my laptop about Victorian bread baking, which was fascinating, there are three episodes in all and one of the presenters was in the Victorian farm TV show, another favourite.

Following dinner I popped out for a ride on my bike and timed it exactly as the only rain of the day poured down,  I pushed on for 10 minutes before deciding to return to the car and drive into Filey.  Somehow I managed to forget my toothbrush, paste and razor so I bought those and the crisp bread that I love to have with melted cheese (my supper tonight).  I then walked down to the prom and walked the whole length of it listening to the waves crashing on the sea wall.  I was impressed to see that every one of the thousands of bulbs that light up the prom was working, something we never see at the Blackpool illuminations.

Now I’m back at the apartment, watching a bit of TV and munching my way through a big fruit salad, looking forward to my supper and visiting Hull tomorrow.

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