Fence Panels And Hail Stones

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It’s been a strange day today, I’ve been struggling with a migraine which has come and gone in severity, not yet bad enough for pain killers.  The weather too, can’t make up it’s mind, at times bright sunshine, then rain, then hail and back to sun.  The unpredictability has mostly kept me sitting on the sofa, listening to music, napping, reading, stroking the cats and watching TED talks.

I had a pretty bad nights sleep last night, it’s lovely having Debbie back in the bed after a period of illness, but it takes some getting used to, as she tosses and turns, twitches, kicks, moans, groans and snores all night long.  It’s little wonder that she’s always tired as even if she sleeps all night she must be exhausted from all that activity.  I normally snooze through all this noise and movement, but last night it took me until 4am to finally get to sleep and I still got up before seven.  To wake myself up I walked down the prom to Caffe Nero, through the gales and sand storm, but thankfully it wasn’t raining.  After Nero’s I’d planned a beach walk, but as the sand lashed around my face I thought better of it and diverted to do the shopping.

Not long after arriving home I was snoozing on the sofa for an hour and woke refreshed enough to do a bit of cleaning and vacuuming.  Taking advantage of a brief sunny spell I popped outside and tidied up the rockery behind the garage and then took my life in my hands and got the ladder out to take down a shattered fence panel that had ripped itself from one of it’s posts; but was still hanging from a mangled bracket. A neighbour has put these 5ft panels on top of a 5ft wall, so they are too high and forever getting battered by the wind, the screws attaching it to the bracket were impossible to shift, so in the end I had to use a trusty chisel to prise it off and then grab the panel before it fell and broke off all of my raspberry canes. 

I succeeded, but in doing so tripped and went flying backwards, my brussel sprouts broke my fall though and I was fine.  It always amazes me that this neighbour could happily put these fence panels up, but then never take any more responsibility for them as they gradually break up over the years.

Back inside I cozied up with the cats, my music and the colouring book for a lovely lazy afternoon. Jennie and Jon arrived to review their plans for moving into our front room and they now seem happy that they have a good design, with minimal cost to us, except replacing the carpet with a new laminate floor.  I’m excited at the prospect of getting Debbie a dedicated study too, so all in all it should work out well.

My migraine is now in full flow, so I’ve had to take two different types of pain killers, I’m pleased I didn’t have to make any meals tonight, having made the big fish pie yesterday.

Debbie’s currently having a nap, before we settle into a TV night.

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