Nearly Done

2015-12-20 09.36.49-1

I spent most of the day working on Debbie’s Office and it’s 80% complete now, nearly there!

I slept through the night for the first time in probably a month, and I was exhausted so I really needed it, but I only managed it with a low dose of Lycria.  Hard as I worked to get off Pregabalin, I need to sleep more, so I’m going to taper down to find the minimum dose that lets me sleep through.  I also stayed up later, which might have had an affect as well so I will do that again tonight, basically keep experimenting!

I woke refreshed at about half past six and took the car to Lytham Caffe Nero, spent an hour there, went for a walk and then had breakfast at Bertie’s and went for another walk before a big shopping trip to Morrison’s. Then it was back home and working on the room for 4 hours, before taking a break to make dinner, for Thom, Debbie, Anna, Jennie, Tess and Me.

I then popped into town do the shopping I forgot earlier, before watching The X-Files with Debbie.

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