Fasting and Working On Debbie’s office

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For the first time in as long as I can remember I stayed in the house almost the whole day today, no shopping, no walking, no cooking, just pure focus on finishing Debbie’s office and readying Jennie’s bedsit for re-flooring on Monday.  It’s been immensely satisfying to get stuck into some DIY these last few days, I’m quite inspired to do a bit more of the house now.

I slept well again last night, taking 75mg of Pregabalin, down from 100mg the previous night.  I did wake at 6am but fell asleep quickly again and snoozed until 7:30, dressed quickly and took Tessa to college.  We spent the drive talking about how we developed responsibility, confidence and a work ethic in our kids, something Tessa had not been conscious of us doing, until she had the process explained to her, it was a fun drive.  Once home it was house house house, Jon and I put down the edging strips, we unpacked Debbie’s big cupboard, moved the contents and cupboard upstairs, sorted through the contents and repacked it.

Then I found all of Steph’s books and emptied all of her stuff onto the floor and sorted through all of them and then moved them upstairs, under the guest bed in Debbie’s office.  Next I emptied the big paperwork draws onto the kitchen table and set Jennie to work pre-sorting them.  I moved all of the hundred of manuals into the draw in the living room, to be sorted later.  I then had to sort through the first batch of  ‘maybe’ throw away stuff and still have the second batch, on my desk for tomorrow.

Next we moved 1/3 of the books from the left hand bookcase to space I’d cleared on the right hand one, the rest of the books went upstairs, ready for the bookcase that Jennie is connecting tomorrow. It was good to have Jon and Jennie to work with today, it made the whole job much easier! 

That was most of the work done, I just had to put the pictures up, fit new LED lights and tidy up Debbie’s room.  Finally it was time to put all the tools away, clean up, vacuum the whole house, sort out the clothes washing and the washing up. 

This has been my second fasting day and it’s proved to be exceptionally easy to cope.  I’ve only had two green smoothies, a little chicken and a fruit salad – oh and a tiny slide of cheesecake brownie, made by Anna.

I found lots of things clearing up, but these pages in a notebook were the cutest (I sent them to Anna and Steph)

2016-02-05 12.55.50 2016-02-05 12.55.57

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