Resting and Moving

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I’ve taken a rest from working on the house today but I’ve not stopped moving and that’s certainly eased my sore legs and back.

I woke up before Debbie today which is very rare, I’d slept well on 60mg of Pregabalin and I’m still feeling good, I’m trying 50mg tonight.  I went to Caffe Nero in St Anne’s, walking along the sea front to get there.  I spent about an hour there, went shopping and walked home to meet Debbie, and we walked to Toby’s for breakfast.  I used the gift card that Steph gave me for Christmas and was quite restrained, only having two Yorkshire puddings, one sausage and two small eggs.  Debbie then headed straight home and I went for a walk along the prom and back into town.

Back home I spent an hour going through a massive stack of paperwork that we’ve accumulated over the years, this is in addition to the hour I spent yesterday.  Then I made smoothies up for tomorrow and did a bit of housework.  Debbie and Tess took Grace to the vets to get a lump checked out, they took a biopsy, but it’s likely to be just fat. 

I then took Tess to the drop-in centre for her vertigo and waited with her for half an hour before starting to fall asleep, so I went for a wander and found Stanley Park.  Now that I know it’s so close I will probably pop in there next time I have to visit.  Back home my back was seriously sore, so I went for a long walk, first to the new Booth’s and then on to Morrison’s, I stopped at the cafe, which was quite nice, and had a cup cake and a rest before walking home.  While I was away the boiler was serviced and judged AOK.

Jennie and Jon went to Ikea and bought the bed and bookcase for next weeks jobs.

We’ve just watched an episode of Tonight on smartphone addiction, and now we are watching The Blacklist.

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