Finishing Jennie’s Bedsit Floor

2016-02-08 21.33.27

Absolutely exhausted after days of intense physical effort, so this will be a very short diary entry.

Slept well, woke up at 7am spent 45 minutes on my exercise bike watching Madame Secretary and then dropped into Caffe Nero for an hour, walked home by a long winding route to get in a decent walk.

Met up with Jennie and Jon as we arrived at the house at the same time and we got stuck into the flooring, nailing and screwing the loose boards down, laying the underlay, fitting about a third of the boards and cutting and measuring all of them.  Also assembled Debbie’s bookcase and attached it to the wall and refilled it with books.

Jon and I managed to get everything finished, just in time for Anna and Thom to do a photo shoot of her college walk, it was much more fun working with Jon than when I did Debbie’s room last week on my own.  Ran out of time for any TV with Debbie tonight, but I’m watching Quantico after a long hot bath.

Steve Richards

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