Allotment Diary–Sunday 29th May

I created my carrot planters today and filled them with compost, which is a bad idea apparently as they don’t like nitrogen, but that’s what I had available, so we will see how it goes, we might be eating forked carrots this autumn.

2016-05-29 11.55.50

Then I used our freely available horse manure as a wood chip mulch along the allotment edge, where Debbie weeded yesterday and left bare soil, ideally I would have used it well rotted, but I don’t have any yet so this will have to do, not perfect, but better than weeds.  I used some old wood that was on the site as a retaining edge.

2016-05-29 13.41.10

Next up I planted out the three cucumbers, and loosely covered them with scaffold netting, to give them a little shelter from the sun and wind until they get established.

2016-05-29 12.24.27

Debbie arrived and did a fantastic job of weeding, while I dug up a row of spinach, salad and rocket.  Post weeding I planted mixed salads, radish, spinach, broccoli (as a cut and come again crop)

2016-05-29 16.22.13

I earthed up the potatoes in bags and watered all of the raised beds s to help the nematodes that I watered in last night settle in.

2016-05-29 11.56.00

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