Allotment Diary–Wednesday 15 June 2016

Started to feel a bit better today, so I very slowly turned my third compost bin, into my second empty bin, adding greens and chicken manure and water as I went, it’s already had one hot period of composting back in April, but hopefully this will give it another burst of heat and finish it off.

2016-06-12 12.26.18

Since I’m recovering from a flare it took twice as long, but was three times as rewarding to finish.

Next I cropped a row of radish and planted a row of radicchio in it’s place, this is one of a new set of seeds that I’ve been inspired to get since reading Eating On The Wild Site, which is full of information on the most nutritionally dense fruit and veg.

2016-06-15 13.52.31

I also cropped leaves, beans, peas, radish, strawberries and chives for Debbie’s salad:

2016-06-15 16.00.12-1

and onion tops, chives, radish, radish tops, sprouts, kale, and various oriental lettuces for my smoothie mix – note mine is in a wok!

2016-06-15 16.10.42-1

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