Allotment Diary–Friday 24 June 2016

I pulled a batch of onions today that freed me to do some serious planting, they’re not quite fully developed but they look good enough and another month in the ground might deliver another 50p of value, but a month of new crops will probably deliver £10 of crops and much more fun, so up they came.

In there place went a lot of very nutritious alternatives:

These red leaf lettuces are massively better than the green leaf varieties, but do seem to be fairly slow growing.  I’ve yet to crop any though so it’s a bit of a leap in the dark to see whether they deliver on their promise.

2016-06-24 10.33.26

Radicchio is also new to me, but it looks great and is also another very nutritious variety, the seeds I sowed a few weeks ago are germinating well

2016-06-24 10.33.19

Tatsoi was included in one of the mixes that I sowed back in April, I liked it so I’ve planted it separately, so it can grow to it’s full potential, like all the seeds I’m growing from Amazon, it’s so cheap at 65p for 200 seeds, with 80p delivery.

2016-06-24 10.33.06

Next is another seed from a mix that I like, grown in the mix Mizuna rapidly overpowers everything else, so it’s better on it’s own, this was also 65p for 350 seeds!

2016-06-24 10.32.55

In leiu of the onions that they are replacing, I planted some fast growing spring onions, that are more nutritious than their big sisters

2016-06-24 10.30.54

Finally I popped in some Beet Leaf Bulls blood Red, a very dark leafed beetroot, the leaves are as healthy as the beets and they certainly deliver in terms of value for money, see pic

2016-06-24 10.30.40

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