July Allotment Tour (Steve’s Plot)

2017-07-02 10.26.38

I’ve waited for a break in the wind and rain before doing a tour of the plot this month, so I’m a couple of days late.  The allotment continues to transition from spring to summer crops.  The autumn crops are all planted or on the patio in trays and the winter crops will be sown this month, excepting the brassica’s that are already in the ground or in pots waiting for a space.

This month we’ve harvested the last of the over-wintered broad beans and onions and the early brassicas that we’ve used for cut and come again leaves and the early carrots.  We’ve transitioned over to our spring planted crops completely now, except for the over-wintered rocket.

This is the first month that I’ve had chance to focus on my plot this year, as I’ve been nursing a bad stomach injury over winter and working flat out on Jennie and Debbie’s plot for the rest of the time.  As a result mine is a bit neglected, I’ve missed a few planting dates and left a couple of beds fallow for a month or so, but I have much more time now that the other plots are finished.

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