September Allotment Tour (Debbie’s Plot)

Lots of change this month on Debbie’s plot. She’s put up a fence on the back boundary and done a very neat job of the weed suppression fabric underneath it. She’s built a couple of new gates, put kick boards in around the front and back of the plot, repaired her fence and acquired another compost bin. She’s also done a great job of finishing her work area and tidying the shed.

We decided to give up on the cauliflowers as they have just been confused by the weather and grown too much leaf and no flower. This is good in a way though as it’s allowed us to clear space for winter veg, winter purselane, and miners lettuce so far. The winter brassicas are also doing very well, especially the broccoli. We’ve also had a pleasant surprise, after months of doing very little the Oca is finally growing very strongly.

On the fruit front we’ve had a small harvest of plums, a great one of blackberries, and there should be lots of pears in a few weeks. The New Zealand spinach continues to be the ‘star of the show’. Next year we are hoping for the addition of raspberries, rhubarb, logan berries, apples, cherries and gogi berries.

Finally the ornamental planting continues to look great, really enhancing the look of the plot.

In closing, apologies for the audio on this recording, there was quite a bit of wind noise, but with no sign of it abating this week, I decided not to wait any longer to record this tour and mess up the schedule.

Steve Richards

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