Allotment Diary (January week 2)

What we’ve harvested and eaten

We harvested a ‘grand’ total of £15 worth of veg this week, excluding anything from the store, because we’ve been away on holiday in Edinburgh for most of the time.  We had 5 meals with ingredients from the allotment.

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We picked broccoli, sprouts, brocollini, lots of types of kale, kalettes, red and golden beets, spring onions, celery, rocket, lots of bean tops and loads of lettuce. We also raided the store for: potatoes, onions, shallots, garlic.

Videos published

As I’ve been away I pre-filmed a couple of videos and scheduled them.  This included a video on the food we eat which lots of viewers have requested.

First up was a tour of the A Tour of the Allotment Store and a quick look around the kitchen garden.

Next I shot a video Wrapping up 2018’s Allotment Finances

Then a look back, celebrating meals that we ate in 2018

Finally (it’s been a busy week) a video tour of the plots and a tidy up

Now that all of those ‘wrap up’ videos are done, I will be back to shooting a video a week from now on.

What I’ve sowed

I’ve not sowed anything this week, by design, as I don’t recommend starting anything else until after mid-January and most things until after mid-February.

The radish are all germinated now, the Scralet Globe came up first and look the healthiest so far.


What I’ve planted


First harvests of the year


Last harvests of the year

We picked the last of the tomatoes, calabrese, black carrots and the radicchio

What’s left in store

  1. Potatoes – 2 medium sized bags
  2. Carrots – 4 big boxes
  3. Onions – 2 large boxes
  4. Shallots – 1 large box
  5. Squash – 2 Crown Prince
  6. Beets – 4 big boxes
  7. Dried Apples – 1 big cool bag
  8. Dried Pears – 1 big cool bag

What have we processed for preserving



Visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, especially the geenhouses.


I’ve had ‘flu’ all week and I still have it, running a fever most of the time, lots of aches and pains and very tired!  Yes, I had the flu while on holiday, but we made the best of it, short walks and cafes kept me going.

We’ve got a few aphid problems in the greenhouse and polytunnel, so I’ve made up a batch of home made garlic spray and I will be using that regularly from now on.

A few of the lettuces had downy mildew on the leaves and we losts a few plants to rotten stems.

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