What I’m Sowing and Growing in October

October, like September, has been a challenging month in the garden.  High winds, lots of rain and not much sun.  I even had to put cold-frame lids over new plantings of lettuce to protect them from the gales and hail!  It looks like everything has pulled through though, the squash harvest looks like it will last us through winter, the beans are finally abundant and we’ve even had enough beets/chard despite the leaf miner and fungal disease.

With the trials of summer behind me though I’m now really excited to be transitioning the plots to their autumn, winter and spring crops.  It’s a wonderful time of year as the dead and decaying debris of summer is cleared away to be replaced by new healthy plants that will be feeding us for so long!

In this video I show you the progress of my July and August sowings which are doing very well.  We have a wide variety of salad greens, loads of onions and spring onions, spinach and leaf beet, carrots, potatoes and of course lots and lots of brassicas!

In the video I also spend a few minutes on the computer to show you the databases that I’m using to capture all of my knowledge about the 250+ varieties of fruit and veg that I grow and also the details of what I’m sowing.

Before we get to the video though you might like to check out my latest tour, which shows everything that’s growing.

September Allotment Tour

So finally we get to the video for August’s sowing and growing:

What I’m Sowing and Growing in October

This video shows several databases that I’m using to manage my allotment this year.If you would like to find out more about these databases please take a look at the following video, and it’s associated description:

If you want to get a copy of the tools that I demonstrate in this video please click on this link and create an account.  Once you have an account then click on this link to browse all of my databases, if you want, you can take a copy of the databases to use for yourself.

If you want to download any of the following views to a spreadsheet you can clock ‘download CSV’ to get your own private copy, or use the web based database I’m using by watching the video above.

When looking at these databases please bear in mind that they are live views onto rapidly evolving data. The content and design is being constantly improved. If you want to look at snapshots and/or take your own copies, please look at the video above and it’s associated description.

Here’s a complete read-only view of the sowing log and varieties database with all of my data: https://airtable.com/shrzYBHUBoyDtSN1F

Here’s what I sowed in September!

Here’s what I’m planning to sow in October

For completeness here’s a view of my complete sowing database with all the details!

Watch out for the next video showing what I’m sowing in October!

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