Allotment Diary (January – Week 2)

We’ve had a very frost week and that’s put quite a check on growth, but we’ve still seen an uptick in our harvest volumes compared to last week and last year.

Frosty this week, but I managed to lay down a few inches of wood chip on the paths between snow showers

I know from experience that even though I’m always concerned that I’m harvesting too much at this time of year, the plants always seem to respond. With light levels now increasing, I almost always find more to harvest next week than this.

This weeks harvest and a few sprinkles from the store

It’s also been a lovely walking week. The roads and footpaths are very slippery, but provided we can get to the beach we are fine, the dunes in particular are a real walkers delight right now. Since we are on full lockdown – using the car for pleasure is against the law – the fact that we are able to walk everywhere is a real boon!

The beach at the end of the road we live on, just a few minutes walk

I’m not a huge fan of sowing seeds, but I love seeing the seeds germinate and grow, I quite like pricking out and I love planting. So it’s great to see last weeks seeds mostly germinated now and almost all of my growlight space is now occupied.

My sowing timeline is almost totally disctated by growlight space now, which actually helps me decide what I can sow when, which is a big help as I’m often tempted to sow too much too early! Here’s what I sowed this week:

Here’s what we planted this week

Here’s our harvests for the year so far, with the most recent at the top.  We hit our target for last year and harvested over £12,000.

Here’s a list of the preserves for last year.

I always like to keep a track of or first harvest dates and you can find a summary of those here:

YouTube videos for the week can be found here:

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