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Google reader or FeedDemon?

I may be stange but I scan all of my feeds online and then read a small subset – generall about 20-30 a day offline.  I do the scanning while watching TV on my laptop and the reading on my Tablet.  I scan the feeds in FeedDemon and then read...

Installing Palm Desktop on a Tablet PC

Ricardo from El Salvador just emailed me asking me how I managed to install the Palm Desktop on a Tablet PC.  Palm say it’s not supported, but it’s worked fine for me, once I managed to get it installed, which seems to work fine provided you follow these instructions: uninstall...

Using remote desktop with Vista

I have just installed Vista RC1 – build 5600 – and want to use the trick I posted a while back that allows me to disconnect from a remote desktop connection to my Tablet, without my tablet locking (i.e. presenting the login screen).  On XP to do this I would...

Tablet Slate

I am a really big fan of the Tablet PC slate format,  its so quick and easy to pop it into my rucksack and drag it out again a in a meeting, in a cafe, on the beach, by the pool etc.  In these environments I don’t want to be...

Vista beta 2 up and running on the TC1100

This afternoon – whilst on conference calls – I cloned my old 40GB disk onto a new 100GB one and installed Vista beta 2 on my TC1100. The experience seems significantly improved compared to my previous attempts.  I had to install the XP versions of button driver and Q menu to get...

Synchronizing my Desktop, Tablet and Laptop

Frustrated at the manual work needed to keep multiple machines in synch,  then try Allway Sync,  I use it to keep my Desktop, Laptop and Tablet in synch and it’s working great so far,  what follows is a much longer description that might be worth reading if you like detail!...

yet another new toy

SonorixI decided I no longer wanted to compromise when it comes to interacting with audio,  I wanted a very easy way to switch seamlessly between the following activities:

  • Record audio notes in OneNote
  • Listen to music
  • Take phone calls
  • Listen to podcasts – mainly from IT Conversations

And I wanted to be able to do all of the above:

  • From desk
  • Walking
  • Swimming – I already have a solution for this
  • Chilling out at a Cafe or health club
  • Shopping
  • etc

I knew the solution needed to involve Bluetooth, and a headset that could switch from audio player to phone headset to microphone as required.   I think I have found the solution – Sonorix Bluetooth Audio Player –  its £50 off right now because it’s an old model.  I friend of mine had one about a year ago and loved it.  I have ordered one,  should arrive in a couple of days.


jk makes the right choice – a TC1100!

Tc1100_2It may be an old machine, but it is still in many ways a near perfect design.  I have listed before the problems I had with my original TC1100, and why I changed my mind, but at the end of the day fixing the problems would introduce new weaknesses.  jk of jkOnTheRun documents his decision process.

so I have ordered the HP tc1100.  The tc1100 has a 10.4″ screen and only weighs 3.1 pounds without the keyboard attached which I really like.  This is the closest device to my dream mini-Tablet in both size and function.  The tc1100 is a true hybrid Tablet with a keyboard that can be attached or detached at will so it will be the best solution for the way that I work.

Kids and Tablets

KidsusingtabletsMy daughter has recently inherited by old Tablet PC, a TC1000.  She has an auto-immune disorder and secondary Raynaud’s and these conditions mean that she suffers from cold hands, is very stiff and not that strong.  As a result she often struggles to carry her bag around and with writing.  About a year ago I wrote an article explaining why I thought a Tablet would help here and a few weeks ago I demonstrated my Tablet to the school teachers and her assessors.  As a result they have agreed that they will try and get her a grant for a Tablet ready for high school which is great news.  In addition they will get her a book scanner.  Although scanned books are not perfect, nor many eBooks, as I mention here, they are often better than paper.

In preparation she is taking her Tablet into school 3 days a week to get used to the logistics and the envious kids and how to deal with them.  Since she got the Tablet I noticed that she has started using the computer at home a lot more as well.  I often find her sitting in bed browsing the web, writing …

Metro – head to head with PDF!

At last Microsoft seem to have decided to deliver a portable document format for distribution and archive.  It’s code named metro and was demonstrated at WinHEC.  Here is a snippet from an article in Computer World:

The format, based on XML, will be licensed royalty free and users will be able to open Metro files without a special client. In the demonstration, a Metro file was opened and printed from Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Web browser.

Printers and printer drivers can include support for Metro and deliver better and faster printing results than with today’s printing technology, Microsoft said. On stage, a Xerox printer with Metro built in was used to print a sample slide.

It’s going to be an open specification, so says Jancology:

Metro is build on top of an XML based page description language similar to Adobe’s PostScript. This happens to be tied into Avalon — Longhorn’s presentation subsystem. Microsoft is releasing publicly the specification for Metro on Monday royalty-free.

What do I want from this format:

  • The fidelity we have come to expect from PDF when we want it
  • The reflow we have come to expect from HTML when targeting different screen formats
  • Full support for …