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Strategies for dealing with Email overload

There’s a flurry of articles today about email overload, and I read a few prompted by a tweet from ChiefTech.  I fancied a break so I thought I would jot down my strategies for dealing with Email, which right now mean I DON’T suffer from Email overload. Setting the scene:...

Desktop or web email?

This article has a good comment thread on this topic.  In my case I don’t really have an option I work offline too often and when I’m online I only have a GPRS connection so its desktop email and Blackberry email for me.

Why email attachments?

It seems that everyone now days wants to eliminate the poor old email attachment, and yet people still cling to this tried and trusted way of passing around files.  For example Adam recently posted: Several people we’re not happy that in Notes 8.0, the ability to instantly email an attachment...