Next 30 Day Challenge–Write A Blog Post Diary Entry Every Day


Over the last couple of years I’ve rediscovered the pleasure of writing on my blog, in 2014 I wrote more than 365 posts and got into quite a groove, but this year I’ve blogged less frequently.  I’ve always fancied writing a diary too, so it seems opportune to combine the two objectives, blog and diary into this next 30 day challenge, and like all my other challenges establish a new habit.

I’m also planning to try out some different tools for blogging, because being tied to writing in Windows Live Write on my laptop is a bit restrictive.  It would be ideal if I could become confident enough to tap out short diary posts with a good header image on my iPhone or iPad as well.

My diary posts can be found at which points just to the diary category of my blog.

I’m writing this post in one of my favourite Premier Inns on the waterfront in at Swansea, the photo I chose for this post is of the sea front gardens in St Annes, where I live.  I’ve chosen this photo because it illustrates nicely that even a ‘mundane’ view that I see most days a year can still be interesting to some people and when looked at in a different way.  It’s my hope that writing a diary helps me see my life in a different way and might be interesting or useful occasionally to others who happen across it.

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