A good description of WinFS?

I have been looking for a good description of how Longhorn would behave in a client server environment.  The Longhorn evangelists have been posting some scenarios, but they don’t completely work for me because they are not general enough to allow me to easily extend them to my own environment.  However I have pretty much summed it up in my own mind.

  • Longhorn is being designed to be a great client to web services
  • Indigo will be the best infrastructure for interacting with those web services
  • WinFS will be the persistent store/cache for web services data
  • Avalon will be a great presentation engine for the data in the WinFS store/cache

This may be obvious, or of course it may be wrong, anyway I had not seen it put that way before.  Maybe more importantly as I looked around for information in this area I came across Adam Bosworth’s Weblog, and particularly his discussion of his ideal Web Services browser.  To me his browser cache sounds exactly like WinFS.  In fact so much like WinFS that his scenarios are better WinFS examples than the ones Microsoft is publishing.  Read them here:


The interesting thing about Adams description is that he does not seem to see the link?

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