Daily Archive: May 30, 2004

AOSD Flare Status update

AOSD Flare Status update
My current Adult Onset Stills Disease flare seem to be nearly over now and I should be back at work in a couple of weeks.  This is my longest flare, lasting from Mid January to the end of May.  Its not been too severe because now I am diagnosed the drug treatments keep me fairly stable, but its not very comfortable and its difficult to work through the pain, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. 

For those of you who are interested, probably only fellow AOSD sufferers I have attached my ‘end of flare report’

Document all about AOSD

I came across across a medical paper on AOSD the other day, but it was so full of jargon I couldn’t follow it.  I created an annotated version which I have posted here in case it’s of any use.  Not being a medical person myself don’t take it too seriously...