Choosing a PDA – can it really be so difficult!

I used to have an IPAQ years ago and despite using it a lot in the beginning I gradually stopped using it mainly for the following reasons:


  1. I did not like having to sync it

  2. It was too big to carry around everywhere

  3. I did not have a case that gave me instant access to it when carrying it around, so it tended to be in a bag

  4. The battery life deteriorated to the point where it could not be relied upon

  5. It did not have enough storage space without a great big expansion jacket add-on


Then along came a Blackberry which I instantly fell in love with, I have talked about my love affair with my Blackberry before in my gadget blog.  However I recently started working from home and the subscription costs to the Blackberry service no longer seemed worthwhile so I decided that I would take that money and invest it in something that was a higher priority, I decided I would try a traditional Palm or Pocket PC PDA again.


The process of choosing is a classic example of the tyranny of too much choice.


My experience went something …