Daily Archive: October 6, 2004

AOSD and work

One of the responses to my post on the Stills Message Board was about AOSD and Work, and the difficulty some people have with communicating with their employers about the disease, and in fact with some health industry workers.  I thought this was interesting because it’s similar to my experience so I thought I would write a bit about it.

First off you need to be able to explain why Still’s affects your ability to work.  At first I just tried to describe the pain, but in my case the pain is really not that extreme and others do manage to work with that level of pain.  I am a pretty motivated guy normally so that got me thinking a bit more about why I struggle to work when I am in a flare and why even when things have stabilized I don’t have the stamina I used to have.  This is what I came up with:

  1. Although I suffer from Joint, Muscle and Tendon pain these in themselves I can put up with and generally work through provided my arms and hands are not too bad, (as I spend a lot of time typing)

  2. The main things that affect …

AOSD Update

Well it’s that time again.  A quick look back at the last month and how I have coped and what I have learned about AOSD.  Here is a summary chart showing cumulative symptoms:




  1. At my last visit to my specialist I was on 20mg of Prednisone, I was doing pretty well but my bone density scan showed I was below normal.
  2. We agreed that I would reduce to 10mg and then taper off to zero and transition to Methotrexate.
  3. Just after this visit I came across some articles that suggested that sustained medium intensity exercise produced natural Cortisol and I began to get excited about the prospect of substituting exercise for Prednisone.  This didn’t work and I blogged about that in much more detail here
  4. As I reduced the Prednisone I introduced a NSAID Celebrex
  5. Anyway I slowly came off Prednisone, I seemed to be doing reasonably OK and I initially put the gradual increase in pain down to Prednisone withdrawal.
  6. Then all of a sudden I was hit with really bad waves of fatigue, very poor concentration, plenty of tendon and joint pain, headaches etc.  I was feeling really rough. 
  7. At first …

InfoPath gives insights into the future

I have always looked upon InfoPath as a example of a product that needs to be part of the infrastructure of the Longhorn platform.  At its simplest it’s a product to render forms defined in XML, allow them to be completed offline, validated, and then submitted them to web services. 


If you think of WinFS as effectively an XML store, which manages sometimes connected interactions with server side data sources (especially web services) then InfoPath type capabilities are a natural part of the WinFS shell.  So I was interested to see this MSDN paper on Submitting forms in InfoPath 2003 because of the potential implications on how Microsoft is thinking about WinFS and Synchronisation and sometimes connected operation.  These new adaptors allow:


  1. Submitting to a Web Service
  2. Submitting to a SharePoint Site
  3. Submitting through E-Mail
  4. Submitting to a Database


These new capabilities are interesting but the ability to complete the form off-line and then, when connected, send it to the server is still way to clunky (but likely to be a key area the Longhorn team will need to make slick).  


I was also disappointed that they did not include submitting via email …

Help me understand how Microsoft might respond to Linux!

I have been asking myself the following question:


If Linux begins to capture significant desktop market share what options are open to Microsoft? 


In this article I have listed my initial ideas, and it would be great to get some feedback on the technical feasibility (some of them maybe plain crazy) and political acceptability of the options within Microsoft.  It might also be interesting to get feedback on how the Open Source and business communities might respond.


Here is my headline list, with each option described in more detail later:


  • “bet the company” on strategies to retain the consumer market
  • Make Windows a better host for Linux applications
  • Make Windows a better server for Linux Desktops
  • Make Linux a better host for Windows Applications
  • Make .NET the most attractive Linux Development Platform
  • Make Windows a better client to Linux Servers
  • Make Windows appeal to Open Source developers
  • Win the TCO and Security debate
  • Reduce the cost of Windows and Office


Retain the consumer market


  1. I have already blogged on this here

Make Windows a better host for Linux applications


  1. Purchase an existing X Server product to integrate into Windows Services For Unix…