SharePoint 12 – Document Management

Document management was really just simple check-in and out in v2.  Now it’s quite impressive:

  • Alerting and RSS feeds on document libraries, as described in this post
  • Custom meta-data
  • Improved capture of meta-data in Office client applications
  • If documents are XML, meta-data can be extracted into lists
  • Creation of custom views of lists
  • RSS feeds can include the documents as enclosures
  • If the documents are PowerPoint slides then lots of useful functions are provided to allow customised presentations to be built up on the fly,  taken off-line but kept up to date
  • Support for check out to work off-line which caches the documents in a hidden folder under my documents and then allows you to work on it off-line until you are ready to check it in again
  • Ability to check-in a document and then immediately check it out again as a single action,  great for sharing work in progress snapshots with the team
  • Support for minor and major versions
  • Ability to only publish major versions to visitors and minor versions to owners and members of a document library, which is a simple content management function
  • Support for a variety of workflows, including approval and review/comment,  native support in office 12 client for submitting documents into workflows
  • Ability to take documents off-line in outlook
  • Ability to edit an off-line document from Outlook without checking out, and then for managing potential conflicts arising when checking it back in later
  • Document library views show workflow status
  • Meta-data in document library lists can be analysed in Access and Excel, or sorted and filtered from the web UI or from Outlook
  • Ability for IRM integration, see later post
  • Records management, see later post

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