PDF support in Office 12

Brian Jones’ blog is fast becoming an essential read for anyone interesting in Office 12’s file formats and import and export formats.  In this important post be describes the fact that Office 12 will be able to SAVE AS PDF, a very useful feature that is of course already present in competing suites, most notably OpenOffice.org.  key questions remain unanswered:

  • Will the same capability be implemented in Windows Vista as a print driver
  • Will the PDF file support hypertext links, bookmarks, forms, page thumbnails etc
  • Will the PDF support electronic signatures
  • How will this effect the positioning of Metro

Its well worth checking out the comments on this post,  and waiting for Brian to answer them which he often does after a couple of days.  Here is a snip from his post:

The PDF support will be built into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Visio, and InfoPath! I love how well this new functionality will work in combination with the new Open XML formats in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We’ve really heard the feedback that sharing documents across multiple platforms and long term archiving are really important. People now have a couple options here, with the existing support for HTML and RTF, and now the new support for Open XML formats and PDF!

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