Daily Archive: March 5, 2006

Google earth works on 2003 server

I tried early versions of Google Earth, but they didn’t work on Windows 2003 Server, which ruled it out for me, it works now though, absolutely amazing.  It has great coverage of my home town!

Using remote desktop without having to login after disconnecting

I am always using remote desktop to connect to various machines around the house as well as virtual machines and it always annoys me that when I disconnect from the console.  I came across a solution today that leaves the console logged in!!  All you need to do is disconnect...

Tablet PC

I use my Tablet PC for about 2 hours a day, it’s quite important to me. Hardware 1.1 GHz processor 1.5 GB memory 40 MB hard disks, one backs up to the other every night using a robocopy script, the scripts also does a backup of the SQL server databases. 100Mb wired network...