Interesting article on IBM’s Activity Explorer

The idea seems to be to use a single client to manage all of a teams interactions around a specific activity.  It seems like a great idea in principle,  although I have a few concerns about how it will work in practice:

  • I am worried that the process of publishing to the team the few steps in a process that need to be shared will be a bit of an overhead,  I favour a publishing process thats as seamless as possible (like adding a tag or ticking a check box)
  • That trying to do all of this within the confines of a single application will be difficult with the screen real-estate available to most people, however maybe eclipse supports multiple monitors (then I will be happy) but laptop users will really struggle
  • The tool will be a jack of all trades and master of none
  • I will not be able to interface with the server infrastructure using standard protocols, like RSS, and will be forced into using the IBM client,  this will be a real pain because no matter how good the tool is its very unlikely I will be using it for all of my projects and certainly not for all of my research and storage
  • That the team view of the world will be optimised at the expense of personal productivity

What I liked:

  • That the developers do seem to be building the solution to support real business scenarios and not just features
  • Online and off-line support
  • A rich client, thats flexible and customisable

Here is a screen shot, and I recommend you take a read of the full article if you are a current Lotus Notes user.

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