The business impact of camera phones

Orange-spvc550-lgLots of businesses are banning camera phones,  it’s really short sighted,  the business impact of a camera phone, well integrated into a person’s personal information management workflow will be huge.  Microsoft get this and are integrating camera phones into OneNote 2007, complete with OCR capability and Lifehacker recently provided a list of sample uses which is worth checking out.  In my case this is how I use my camera phone to take photo’s of:

  • books I want to read while browsing around bookshops and then I order them from the library when I get home, or add them to my Amazon wishlist
  • whiteboards after or during meetings
  • magazine articles or book pages or device serial numbers etc etc,  that I want to remember or send to people
  • the opening times of all the places I regularly visit
  • menu’s
  • things in shops I might want to buy, so I can check out their prices on the web when I get home
  • where I park my car
  • hotels I am staying in
  • business cards
  • people who I want to remember
  • notes that I have written down (and then throw away)

I personally think that using the phones camera as a digital note taker combined with OneNote 2007 will be the killer application for both products.


Steve Richards

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