More on file systems, this time a personal view from when I worked on a LAN

When I worked on a LAN my team used file systems extensively and we had a very effective working practice, as follows:

  • We all had laptops
  • We all stored our master data on our laptops
  • We all stored our published files on a collaboration server
  • The work in progress (WIP) area on our laptops was synchronised to a shared WIP area on the server
  • Most of us used a scheduled robocopy script to keep our server side WIP areas up to date
  • If someone was out of the office, off sick, in a meeting etc,  we could always find their current documents in their WIP
  • Every hour we were shouting across the office “its in my WIP”

This system was great because:

  • All of our data was local
  • We never ran out of quota
  • Performance was great
  • Everything was shared,  up to the minute stuff in WIP areas,  published stuff on a web collaboration server
  • All important stuff was backed up

However it still suffered from the problems I described here.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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