Capernwray bible college

PICT0007Last Sunday we went to an open day at Capernwray bible college, the older girls were really keen on going for one of the week long holidays over the summer and we wanted to check it out.  We had a great time and they are really fired up about the opportunity of attending, but now that we have reviewed all the other stuff they are doing this summer it looks like it will have to be next year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that brings back some memories.

    Whe’ve spent a few holidays up at Capernwary. The first (for me) was the New Year just before Jonathan was born.

    I’ve also done a few Men’s Weekends too.

    If you listened to her you would think that Sue spent much of her teenage years at Capernwray.

    Thanks for the memories.

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