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I have been increasingly concerned over how we bring companies and their employees closer together in terms of the relative priorities that each places on their IT needs, for background check out this post and this one.

Process_plus_peopleMy fist steps towards solving this was to encourage companies to think in terms of solving end to end personal processes and not just business processes, because it seems to me that actually a lot more time is locked up in personal processes than business processes,  I gave a personal example in this post.

My thoughts have continued to evolve and now I think can be expressed very simply, companies think too much about process and no where near enough about people, this may seem overly simplistic, however read on and see if it makes more sense to you.

In my last post on this subject I showed how companies can approach problem solving in a way that neglects the needs of their employees and as a result significantly reduces their chances of success.  I now think by considering a needs hierarchy companies can increase that chance.  Here are some ideas to get started with:





Steve Richards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What software are you using to create these graphics? Just curious. Enjoying reading your blog.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Roger, these graphics were generated using Office 2007 beta 2

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Steve

    I loaded that a while back and my old laptop groaned under the weight of it all!

    Had to remove it.

    Maybe I’ll see if I can just load the Word element of it



  1. November 14, 2017

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