Building a web site with Office 2.0

Ismael Ghalimi is no ordinary user, and this is made clear when he describes how he build a new web site for his company,  and this is definitely not a simple site!  He starts off by defining criteria:

  • No client application other than a web browser
  • Collaborative content development & publishing
  • No single-source component
  • Minimum coding requirements
  • No more than 5 man-days worth of work
  • Less then $25 a month to host

he goes on to describe in detail the integration challenges and the different services he used to build the site, but in summary these are the component services:

The summary is where it gets really impressive!

At this point, I spent the equivalent of four long days of work developing this website, and we are spending exactly $25 a month for it because we upgraded to a Basic Dabble DB account in order to support multiple users (up to 5). If we had to pay for WordPress hosting, we could downgrade to the $10-a-month Personal account and get WordPress hosting for less than $7 a month, which would still fit the bill of $25 a month.

This is no simple personal web site, this is the site for Intalio a leading BPM software company, and as I say it’s pretty sophisticated, go check it out and be amazed!

Steve Richards

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