A whole new way of presenting

One of my most popular posts was a mind map that attempted to capture the main themes of Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind.  Presentation Zen has a great post which applies the themes in the book to presentations and it’s well worth a read.  I particularly liked one of the slides in the article, which I have re-used to the right.

The following short extract summarizes the approach taken in the article – excellent:

The six fundamental aptitudes outlined by Pink can be applied to many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Below, I list the six key abilities as they relate to the art of presentation. The six aptitudes are: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning. My discussion is with presentations (enhanced by multimedia) in mind, but you could take the six aptitudes and apply them to the art of game design, programming, product design, project management, health care, teaching, retail, PR, and so on

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