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When my Arthritis is flaring I really struggle to concentrate,  I have tried a wide range of things to improve it including:

  1. Meditation
  2. Exercise
  3. Work Variety
  4. Stimulating work locations
  5. Music
  6. A couple of supplements that were recommended in “Making a good brain great

I have made some progress, but not enough.  Just by chance last week I was listening to music set to random and some meditation music started playing, I rapidly noticed that my concentration improved, particularly the time I could concentrate for increased any my typing speed nearly doubled.  I was pretty shocked that music could have such a significant effect so I tried again a couple of days later and it worked.  I am now planning to build it into my normal working practice.

The strange thing is that my Sister in Law bought me this music last Christmas because she knew I had started meditating, but at the time I didn’t meditate to music and in fact still don’t use this music so it had just languished on my hard drive and it certainly isn’t the sort of music I normally enjoy.  However while I am working it seems to have a sort of hypnotic effect.

I had a quick look for the music online but failed to find it, however it sounds pretty much like this.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s a track/album on itunes that I found that really helps to quiet the mind and chill. Although it’s very untraditional it has worked very well for me to progressively relax and focus. Search on itunes for Mindmover by Waveman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am glad to here this, i am addicted to meditation music, all my important projects were made while i was listening such music and i have always succeeded. Now i am trying to extend my horizon and search for some more on the internet. I know there are some sites where i can get online meditation music and i am curious about them.

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