How do I do this in Lotus Notes?

I quite like Lotus Notes, sort of grown accustomed to it over the years, but it’s handling of tasks really frustrates me.  This is what I want:

  1. Most of my tasks come in via email
  2. When an email arrives that I want to turn into a task I want to click a button – Create Task
  3. I want the email moving to a folder called tasks
  4. I want a new task creating from the body of the email
  5. I want a doclink to the email to be inserted at the top of the task, so that when I have finished the task I can respond to the original distribution list with completion information
  6. Ideally I would like another button that allows me to delete the task and also the associated email

Anyone know how I can setup this simple workflow, or maybe offer some suggestions as to how it could be approved further?

Steve Richards

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  1. Eric Mack says:


    eProductivity for Notes does all of this and much more.

    Get in touch with me and I’ll give you a private demo.


  2. admin says:

    will do Eric, but for those of us that have a corporate email template, I guess we won’t be able to use your alternative, is that right?


  3. Eric Mack says:

    You will have to get permission/coordination from your Notes admin. Many corporate sites have special email code, (e.g. Archiving) for their mail files. We can provide a version of eProductivity that includes your code. Or, for large site, we can offer an open template that they can modify, as needed.

    I just sent an email to you with a challenge: send me an empty copy of your mail file and I will send you a screen movie showing how I apply eProductivity to it to do precisely what you want.


  4. Curt Stone says:

    I like your idea. You should add it to (the idea collection site for all things Lotus)

  5. Eric’s solution sounds very interesting.

    Any other solution would likely involve a mailfile modification anyway….

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