More useful information on Vista 64

I’m a fan of Vista 64, it’s had a big impact on the stability of my desktop PC.  I still use Vista 32 on my laptop.  I don’t think there’s much information to help people make a decision, so its nice to see this useful contribution by Kristan.

Steve Richards

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  1. Tim says:

    Do you use the same user login on both machines? Are there any issues with that?
    What about driver issues?


  2. Steve Richards says:

    Hi Tim, I don’t use the same login although many people do. I just save the credentials of my desktop on my laptop and vice versa. I didn’t have any driver issues. Its a Microsoft logo requirement that any signed driver must have 32bit and 64bit variants, and that seems to be the case now for most drivers. As always your mileage may vary – but I have had no driver related problems with any of my stuff including HP and Canon printers, Scanners and many USB peripherals.


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