How many of your projects don’t succeed?

I’ve long known that a significant number of projects fail and that even more don’t succeed and I’ve read plenty of books that try to dig into why.   Oft cited are poor requirements, poor customer engagement etc but I liked this snipit that seems to sum up my experience:

The reason these applications don’t succeed is that the majority of implementations don’t focus on succeeding but rather they focus on not failing.

Steve Richards

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  1. I’d submit that:
    1. The proper questions/due diligence are rarely applied to cut through sales person fluff and…
    2. Culture change is simply ignored as though it will automatically happen…..”just because we have a new solution”.

    These elements lead to false perceptions…then utter disappointment…then lack of confidence…then regret…then anger…then…


    I wrote an ebook that touches on this issue Steve. If you’re interested in taking a 10 minute read, email me. I’m not hunting for link traffic….I just can’t locate an email address to contact you directly. Sorry.

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