I’ve been reading about the future of mobile IT

I’m currently working on our Mobile working strategy and by chance I happened to be reading Hominids which has a wonderful description of a mobile Companion device and sensors.  The concept of use was pretty inspirational and reminded me of the even more futuristic vision of “Jane” in the Ender books.

Anyway the point of this post is to point out this very interesting article about a concept that Apple has for making the iPhone even more of a lifecycle companion.  It’s only a small step towards the companion described in Hominids, but its a good early indicator.  One can only admire Apples Strategy and Execution and this article makes a good case for why they will be very difficult to beat in the rich mobile experience space.

My conclusion is that it’s definitely going to be personal use cases that dominate the selection criteria for mobile devices for the majority pretty soon and that enterprise integration is just going to be a nice to have feature.  That’s not the case yet for me, because the Blackberry still provides such a superior Mobile Lotus Notes experience, but it won’t be long (hopefully) before this evolves to a similar plug and play experience (ie most Smart Phones are enterprise as standard and just need to plug into the appropriate enterprise service) that Microsoft ActiveSync provides.

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