Vista and the Thinkpad X60T

Out of the box I had a few issues with my Thinkpad X60T running Vista:

  1. After a morning working by the beach the wireless network was often disabled when I plugged in at home,  I needed to do a “Diagnose and repair” to re-enable it
  2. After a not so useful windows update I found that my display was often switched off when I resumed from sleep,  I had to cycle through sleep again to get it back
  3. Active rotate has never worked reliably and now doesn’t work at all

The first two of these are now solved – or at least I have a workaround

  1. For wireless, go into the advanced power settings and configure it so that the wireless adapter isn’t powered down.  What seems to have been happening is that if available battery power dipped below some value the wireless adapter was disabled.  Now if I want to save power I use the mechanical switch to disable wireless, but I hardly ever need to
  2. For blank screen, I found out that provided I suspend BEFORE I close the lid, when I resume the screen is always on.  Slightly annoying but much better than before.
  3. Fix to get Active Rotate working reliably anyone??

Steve Richards

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