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IGEL is number 3 in thin clients

  1. Access is diversifying, computing is centralising – at least that IGELS idea
  2. Do PC cards to pu in legacy PCs, traditional thin clients, thin tablets and up to quad head clients
  3. Target 5 minute rollout per device!
    1. Connect device to KVM
    2. How to configure
      1. define profiles for each location
      2. deploy profiles to locations
      3. when the device plugs into the network it picks up its profile
      4. profiles can be defined based on
        1. mac address
        2. ip address range
    3. Use hot spares
    4. XPe devices need to have centrally managed domain join to remove need for admin visit to device
  4. Great user experience
    1. Delivering a total PC experience through a single protocol is like a square peg in a round hole
    2. No protocol translations
    3. IGEL support multiple protocols, web mainframe, voip, multi-media, java
    4. Direct connections to reduce latency – eg voip lots of latency because traffic goes client to server to voip switch to client, not client to client
  5. Try to avoid management tools that open additional firewall ports and try to avoid protocols like PXE to rebuild thin clients – some router config issues apparently
  6. Modern thin client images can be between .5G and 1G, especially XPe, an update is a big deal unless you have caching appliances or a fan out infrastructure.  Even better don’t re-image when you can avoid it
  7. Resilience
    1. If device can run web apps or java then this can be a fall back
  8. Cost
    1. Some users don’t need a windows desktop, just let the terminal access the applications directly

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  1. Jamil says:

    Hi Steve

    Unfortunately we couldnt make iForum this year, but Netvoyager plc, a UK thin client vendor, also considered in the top 5, have with a range of thin clients with the power to drive local firefox browser, Java VM, Java Webstart, RDP, ICA, Telnet, SSH, NoMachine (NX), soon to also include Ericom, built-in management and more….



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