iForum – Five Simple Predictions

Five simple predictions from Citrix with my comments

  1. Virtualization will be assumed, the hypervisor will just melt into the hardware, the focus will switch from cost reduction to flexibility and agility
  2. Applications will be delivered and not installed, not so sure about this one,  I think its true for a class of applications, but if you follow the citrix analogy of TV delivery, whilst its true there’s a lot of delivery going on its complemented by lots of “installed” DVD’s, YouTube video’s and cached TV on PVR’s.  I think when we say installed, we are mixing up longevity and integration with difficult to install and deinstall
  3. App experts will rule the world, i’m not so sure about this one either – often the app experts are the end users, so if this means the end users will rule the world Citrix might be right
  4. Consumerization will reshape IT, and for this reason I think we will still see things “installed” even if installation only means persistently cached.
  5. The world wide computer is real, IDC believes that within 4 years 80% of data needed to do work will be outside the firewall

Steve Richards

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