New bike

I gave my old bike to my Mum a few weeks ago as an excuse to by another, as if even more excuse was needed though I had the opportunity to take advantage of the governments cycle to work scheme. Vince seemed to have a few issues getting a non Halfords bike so I took the lazy route and went for a Carrera Subway 8 and I’ve been very happy so far.

What I added:

A rack and rack bag, which I’ve padlocked to the rack so I don’t have the hassle of having to carry it around

A mirror, I don’t know how to ride without one now, I’ve had one for 20 years

Handlebar extenders, never had these before but they really vary the riding position, great

Jennie gave me her handlebar bag, this has been very useful

The bike:

The disk brakes are a revelation,

The 8 speed hub gears cope just fine with all the hills around here, changing is effortless and you can change gear while stationary

Overall the bike seems great, a bit heavy but that’s the price I’m paying for tough and comfy

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Steve Richards

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