The future of search on the web

Every year or so I hear Microsoft talking about Internet Search and implying that Google Search is nothing compared to what Microsoft has in store for us.  Unfortunately what seems to be delivered is useful, but incremental.

I heard about Wolfram Alpha today, and it the first time for years that I’ve seen a real revolution in Internet Search, the kind of revolution that depends on the search engine really understanding the information it’s searching and the content of the search query.  It’s not the full vision of the semantic web, but it’s the best demonstration I’ve seen that illustrates the promise of it.

It’s developed by Stephen Wolfram and team, a genius, who’s delivered a series of breakthrough products and insights over the years.

This is going to be ace on the Blackberry!  True information at your fingertips :-)  Check out this article

This short video:

This longer video



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  1. I’m always really dubious about any technology that declares itself as the next big thing before it is even available. I suppose I’ve seen to many that don’t deliver and most of the things that change how we do IT come as a slow burn, not as hype. In this case though there might be something to be interested in.

  2. Nice information about The future of search on the web

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