2013-12-29 09.39.28Today was one of those days that made me feel like a millionaire, a perfect day, one that money could not improve. It started as the best Saturday’s often do with 90 minutes at Caffe Nero, without doubt for me the best place for distraction free reading, comfy chairs, background music and the buzz of quiet conversation. Then a walk along a sunny promenade back to the house to collect Debbie.

We were heading to Cleveleys for brunch at Cafe Cove which was wonderful, definitely the best views on the Fylde coast and the best surroundings too. Then after a walk along Cleveleys prom (a bit windy) we went to the Vue Cinema where I was thoroughly spoilt again by the superb screens and seating they have there, so much better than Odeon. We watched Jack Ryan stut his stuff in the ridiculous but entertaining ‘Shadow Recruit’ and it was good fun, even though I’d already watched it earlier in the week.

Later in the afternoons I unfortunately had to come back to non-millionaire reality and debug my laptop that had suddenly become incredibly unstable, constantly freezing and I was surprised to discover that the problems seemed to be solved by re-installing the Chrome Browser.

I also queued up a few books that I’d heard reviews of during the week, the first was the intriguing ‘Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality’ interview here.  The second was ‘My Age of Anxiety’ also a Science Friday Interview.  The book about the mathematical universe was particularly intriguing as it was consistent with a TED walk that I attended that presented the hypothesis that our universe is just a simulation, its not online yet, but this presenter makes the same case.

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