Traditional Mindfulness Mediation vs. Yoga-nidra

2013-07-19 08.43.48I’ve been meditating for nearly 15 years and it’s been a life changing experience.  In particular I’ve noticed three changes, I’ve become calmer, more accepting of difficulties and able to see things much more clearly from another persons point of view.  However I’ve found it difficult to motivate myself to meditate for more than 20 minutes at a time and I often wish I could do more.

Recently though after a bout of poor sleep Lewis recommended Yoga-nidra or Yogic Sleep as a way to recharge and relax.  It’s a guided meditation designed to be followed regularly.  I chose the version available for download from Amazon by James Jewell. There are two tracks, short and long, although I often follow both of them to give me an extra long session.   The Amazon version is only 89p for each track, it’s a real bargain, highly recommended, but it’s also available on spotify to try out.

Meditation is great, but it’s no substitute for a good walk in nature, this photo is of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, which passes through Chorley and so is perfect for a before or after work stroll.

Steve Richards

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