Mini Review Of Transcendence

2014-04-26 16.59.04I’m fresh back from a think week, which this time I’d found quite tiring mainly because of constant leg pain which was quite draining.  So I was keen to go with our default relaxing Saturday routine of brunch and movie, despite the distinct lack choice.  Disregarding the horrendous reviews we decided to go and see Transcendence.  My strategy in films like this is to just ‘go with the flow’ trying to ignore the constant stream of nonsense science and watched like this we both enjoyed it. 

As a special treat it was also our first 4K movie and the film made good use of the format with some very nice visuals.

I particularly liked how the transcended Johnny Depp was distrusted by everyone because of his apparent change in nature, becoming much more ‘ambitious and power hungry’.  In the closing few scenes this change is revealed as him only trying to achieve his wife’s ambition to ‘change the world’ using his new found abilities.  Probably as a way of trying to keep her love, which he failed to do, their closing scene together reminded Debbie of Romeo and Juliet (I’m not that cultured).

Personally I think the film’s ending was a missed opportunity, the transcended Will Caster should have been much more resilient to attack and should have only appeared to have been destroyed.  Secretly he should have continued to grow in power and been seen in the closing scenes deftly guiding humanity to a glorious future, but then I’m a big softie.

I’d recommend the film only if you can sit back and soak up the broad sweep of the story and the visual touches, whilst ignoring the details.

I took photo today from Cleveleys beach.  I liked it because it reminded me of the film and it’s nano-bot rain, or maybe it’s just evidence that it really does always rain in Wales.

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