Daily Archive: July 5, 2014

First Thoughts On Planning For Retirement

Most retirement planners suggest that planning for retirement should start about 5 years before your target retirement date, I’m 4 years away now but forced retirement AKA redundancy is a possibility before then.  I need to start planning, and there’s lots to think about.  This post sketches out the topics...

Starting a Journal

I’ve setup a journal on this blog, the journal is for posts that are for me only.  In theory they won’t appear for anyone else and email notifications won’t work either.  All journal posts are added to the category Journal

Steph is Blogging

Very exciting day for me today, Steph started blogging about her travelling.  She’s starting off in Hong Kong, then moving on to Hangzhou  in mainland China and then she’s going touring China.  She’s then home for a few weeks before spending a year in Japan. I’m very conflicted about this. ...