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Further to my post earlier in the week,  I’ve been reducing my Pregabalin dose gradually over the last few days.  I’m much sharper in the mornings and the evenings now.  I’ve been going through my normal Caffe Nero ‘work’ routine and I can’t believe how much time I have.  Only a few days ago I was struggling to get everything done in three hours and couldn’t believe how fast time was flowing; now I’m finished in less than two hours and trying to find things to do to fill the time I have.  Today I was amazed when I looked at my laptop clock and saw that it was 8:30am when I expected it to be closer to 10am. 

Unfortunately as expected whilst I get some time back, the quality of that time has changed,  I’m not as relaxed and my pain levels are gradually increasing.  I expected the pain to come back quicker than it has, but there’s no question that it’s returning.  I am being very careful to keep my stress levels low and my mobility high to minimise it’s return, but after weeks of being pain free, the constant pain in my arms and shoulders is quite upsetting. The sleep disruption caused by withdrawal is also making things harder, lack of sleep really does sap the joy from life, but there’s always a cost to making progress.

As usual, for this week, I’m writing this post in Caffe Nero, in Nottingham.  This is my last day here, it’s been long enough, perhaps too long away from my family and my small town life.  The buzz of the city is nice for a while, but I’m missing the wide open spaces, the views, the sunsets and soon the wonderful sunrises.  Today’s photo celebrates those sunrises, not long now!

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  1. February 6, 2015

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