My Fifth Blog Post–I Have So Many Gadgets

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This is the fifth in my series of posts looking back on my first 10 blog posts.

It seems that even 11 years ago I was starting to get concerned over the number of gadgets that had gradually crept into my life, here’s the full post:

I have so many gadgets!.

I realised as I was thinking about things to blog about that I have a lot of gadgets.  Some of them are useful and some are toys.  Often I find I am wildly enthusiastic about one of them for a few weeks, telling everyone they need one too and then it sits in a corner for months without being touched.  So I thought I might help others not to make the same mistake and also pick out some real gems, for me at least.

So these are some of the Gadgets I will talk about soon:

  1. My two IPAQ Pocket PC’s
  2. My Blackberry
  3. My Tablet PC
  4. My KVM switch
  5. My Amstrad Emailer
  6. My HP OfficeJet d125i
  7. My Wireless network
  8. My Creative Nomad Jukebox
  9. My Minolta Dimage Z1 camera
  10. My Nokia 6310i phone

and just in case you think I am too rich for my own good, lots of these were provided by work, or by friendly suppliers

Taking a quick look at the list, how many of these are still a part of my life?:

  1. My two IPAQ Pocket PC’s – replaced by my iPhone
  2. My Blackberry  – replaced by my iPhone
  3. My Tablet PC – a HP TC1100, still the best tablet I’ve ever owned, replaced by my Thinkpad x230 and my iPad Mini
  4. My KVM switch – no longer needed, it’s function replaced mostly by software – Mouse Without Borders
  5. My Amstrad Emailer – replaced by a network of DECT phones
  6. My HP OfficeJet d125i – replaced by a A3 Brother 6690CW
  7. My Wireless network – still going strong
  8. My Creative Nomad Jukebox – replaced by iPhone
  9. My Minolta Dimage Z1 camera – still going strong, but mostly replaced by iPhone
  10. My Nokia 6310i phone – still going strong, used as an emergency phone and during holidays, but mostly replaced by my iPhone

It’s interesting to see that of the 10 gadgets 5 of them have been replaced by my iPhone, 3 are still being used but 2 of them only occasionally, 3 have been directly replaced and one has been replaced by software.  All of the functions they performed are still important to me.  It’s a little troubling to think about all of the money that was spent buying and replacing them though!

I’m writing this in Caffe Nero as usual, it’s been raining overnight (perfect timing) but the sun’s breaking through now and I’m sitting in the window seat watching the town come to life on a quiet Sunday morning.  My legs are still very hot, but the drive to itch/scratch them isn’t quite as overpowering, I might go for a walk on the dunes (pictured) later before pottering around the garden and reading this afternoon.

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I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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