Favourite Local Walks–The Lytham Loop

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Now that I’m retired I need to watch what I spend and an important part of that is not travelling too far from home for great days out walking.  The ‘Lytham Loop’ is an important part of that strategy, I can cycle to Lytham and do ‘the loop’ and it costs not a penny and is just as satisfying as walks further afield. Although these still play an important part in my life, adding much needed occasional variety. 

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The walk starts at Lytham Green, but before I arrive I need to cycle there, and this cycle track along the sea front is the glorious gateway to Lytham.  Lytham starts when I reach the first area of salt marsh and I will park my bike up here and start the walk along the promenade.  Lytham Green and the fantastic houses that face on to it provide plenty to look at on my left hand side as I walk towards the windmill that’s Lytham’s most famous landmark.

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On my right is the salt marsh and deep water channel, I wish it had sheep on it like the marsh that borders Grange-Over-Sands just up the coast, they would make the view much more interesting. 

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Once I finish with Lytham Green proper it’s down onto the salt marsh for a hundred yards before climbing up onto Lytham’s ‘secret’ green that fronts the millionaires houses.

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This is a much quieter stretch of the walk, but I like it more, in part because of the views of Rivington and the West Yorkshire Fells (where I will be walking next week) in the distance and closer view of the BAE SYSTEMS site at Warton where I spent some of the best years of my life.

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There’s also a great view of some of the most expensive houses in the area, houses that I’m quite content to say I will never be able to afford, but quite like to look at regardless.

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Leaving this part of the promenade it’s then a short walk along roads until I reach the lovely cottage that marks the entrance to Green Drive

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Green Drive provides some much needed shelter on a sunny day like today, it’s a favourite with dog walkers and everyone I meet is very friendly, although I did get into a ‘race’ with one of the ladies from the local Nordic walking club, I won of course!

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Once through Green Drive I then like to walk through Lytham’s fantastic activity park, which is constantly evolving with new attractions.  It really is superb with facilities for all ages, pitches, cafes, gardens, off-road-cycling, skateboarding and a water park and fitness trail.

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Then it’s back in the shade for a lovely section through Witch Wood, a community managed area of natural woodland that borders the railway line.

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Two thirds of the way through Witch Wood I then take a left, over the railway bridge and through Lowther Gardens, Lytham’s second park, which is more ornamental than entertaining.

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Finally I return to The Green and it’s views of the estuary before head back home on my bike, a morning well spent.

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I’m writing up this post at home, sitting at my conservatory desk, after a well earned nap and a long chat with one of my daughters (Tess).  It’s glorious outside and my recliner and a good book beckon!

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