Homeward Bound

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August is my busiest month this year, I’ve been in London for a week, back home for a day, then in Swansea for 4 days, I will be home for a week and then heading to Nottingham for a 4 day city, canal and forest walking break. 

I’m tired, not helped by the 6 hour drive back from Swansea today.  I’m really looking forward to a week at home and on a few day trips that I’ve got planned, a time to catch up with the garden care, give the house a good clean, get Steph ready to leave for Amsterdam and catch up with friends.

On the way home from Swansea Debbie tempted me into more shopping at an outlet ‘village’ close to Cardiff which was impressive but overwhelming to a non-shopper like me, even when restricted to outdoor shops there was too much choice.  I ended up buying a couple of winter hats, but that was enough.  I really don’t like shopping, way too much temptation to buy things that I don’t need.

The long drive home provided one excellent opportunity though, to introduce Debbie to some podcasts, we got through 3 episodes of the Infinite Monkey Cage, my favourite radio comedy and Freakenomics Radio, my favourite ‘heavily produced’ podcast.  Debbie really enjoyed them, I might convert her yet!

First thing I did when I got home was check on Steph and in particular her progress towards transferring all her data over to my best laptop, which I’ve given to her, her needs being greater than mine for high power and long battery life doing her Masters, it’s going well, which it needs to, as she will be away from my support services on Sunday.  Then being OCD about tidiness I had to unpack and clean up the house a bit and of course make up a batch of smoothies. 

Book wise I’m back onto thrillers and I’ve chosen the latest Jack Reacher novel ’Make Me’ by Lee Child, which opens well and I’m longing to be back to my routine of a relaxing, candle lit, read in the bath before bed.

Now it’s TV time, Star Gate Atlantis, not much better!

Steve Richards

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