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I’ve still got a mild cold and last night it decided to step things up a notch, gifting me with shivers and a arthritis flare in my left arm, shoulder and lower right leg. That’s just the kind of random selection of body parts that I’m used to, so there’s nothing to worry about, but the timing couldn’t have been worse, as I was scheduled to do some high intensity training at the gym and the prospect of my right leg giving way at the wrong moment didn’t appeal.  I talked it through with Tom and we decided to reschedule the session until next week, which was a relief.

I didn’t want to give in to my body too easily though so I resolved to still try and keep moving all day, but be extra kind to myself.  That kindness started with switching off the alarm clock last, and waking an hour later than usual, but still in good time to get to Caffe Nero.  After Caffe Nero I did a circuit of the prom and then went swimming, I was particularly keen to keep climbing my swimming ladder and I did another two length rung, to reach 24 lengths, it was painful but manageable.  I then went into the gym and rowed, skied and walked for half an hour before heading home via the food shops.

Arriving home I enjoyed the real benefit of so much exercise a mini feast of my favourite healthy foods and then after a few chores a well earned 20 minute nap.  I was particularly tired today because, in an attempt to fix an issue with updating apps on Debbie’s phone, I’d been up to gone midnight battling with the upgrade to iOS8, which improved, but didn’t completely fix things.  The one advantage of this late night was getting to watch a whole series of garden makeover shows, where I jumped to the last 10 minutes to see the final result, while skipping over the family soap-opera, makeover drama and emotional reveal at the end. So I was very tired, but sadly instead of my usual 45 minute nap, I only managed 15 because today Debbie and I were having an afternoon get-together with Anna, Thom and his Mum at the excellent Booths Cafe. 

To wake myself up I cycled to Lytham Booths, and arriving first secured the only table for 5, I had an amusing experience watching a couple doing battle with a very determined wasp, after 5 minutes of napkin waving and much muttering the situation  was escalated to the squealing waitresses, who further escalated to the burly chef who came prepared with a heavy wash cloth.  The wasp clearly determining that it had met it’s match flew off to find a new hunting ground and the flustered cafe goers had their food replaced, because the wasp had been ‘stinging it’ which I found highly unlikely.  Seeing their distress though I spent 5 minutes commiserating with them, which they seemed to appreciate.

Thankfully our time there was wasp free and a very enjoyable time was had by all.  After over an hour’s chatting we went our separate ways, me to my bike and a very windy ride home, which I pushed through despite feeling pretty tired using a well established technique – the promise of chocolate rice cakes, it worked.

The prospect of going on a meditation course is now at the forefront of my mind.  As I mentioned yesterday thanks to my Caffe Nero friends I’ve discovered a good place to learn, Thom’s neighbour recommends it and I discovered today that there’s an open day in a weeks time that Debbie and I both fancy attending.  I can see a one day or weekend course in my future and a retreat maybe next year if I can commit to doing a daily practice again, currently I’m enjoying napping too much instead.

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